How does a Sport Club work

Sports clubs are private associations whose objectives include the promotion of one or more sports, the participation of their partners in these modalities and the organization and participation in tournaments and championships. Usually the clubs are associated with team sports, although nowadays we can have different types of Sport Clubs with different functioning.

Given that there are different variations about this, it is complicated to define how does a Sport Club work and if these rules are applied in every situation. Even so, in this article we will try to define some criteria, on one hand the different types of Sport Clubs down a juridical point of view, on the other hand the statutes or regulations around which they can be organized.

Types of sports club: Elementary Sport clubs, Basic Sport Clubs and Sport Corporations

The Sport Club is a type of sports association considered to be first grade. Within the first degree sports associations we distinguish between:


  • Elementary Sport Clubs: Its main purpose is to favor sports association base and training in a sport from the bottom and the lower categories.
  • Basic Sport Clubs: they are the typical model of sports club. They are more extended and centered in the promotion of its partners within an official and concrete sport activity.
  • Sport Corporations: this name refers to clubs that develop their sporting activity in a professional manner, which requires the acquisition, in turn, of legal and economic responsibility in accordance with current legislation.


Sport Associations of second grade: Federations and Professional Leagues

Within the Sport Associations of second grade we would find those associations that could be defined as “associations of associations”, such as the Sport Federations and the Professional Leagues. In the event of the Sport Federations, they have a private-juridical nature, although they have been assigned public powers.

Within the Sport Association of third grade, we would find those that are not circumscribed in the previous situations, such as, for example, state and supra-autonomous associations or “club clubs”.

Last but not least, even if they are independent bodies, the different types of association and sport clubs close relationships continually. An example: to participate in any official competition, the sport clubs need to subscribe in the federation of the corresponding sport modality.


How does a Sport Club work: creation and statutes

To define how a Sport Club works, the first step is to define which type of clubs they are. For this we must take into account, firstly, if the practice of sport is habitual or sporadic, and if within it is included the professionalization of their partners. The sports clubs can organize all kinds of competitive activities, from those who seek to promote basic sports to those who seek the development of elite sports, professional and entertainment.

For example, elementary sport clubs are considered occasional groups which practice sports, while in the basic sport clubs the practise and the entrance in official competitions is continued. In this sense it is easier to establish how a basic sport club works because it corresponds to most clubs with a certain sporting tradition in our country.

The creation of an elementary sport club is fast and easy, it is just a signature on a private document. In the case of basic sport clubs, with no doubts, the process is a bit more complicated as you need:


  • To sign a founding act before a notary.
  • Create club statutes, something that will be key to define how the sport club in question works.
  • Receive a favorable report from the Official Federation corresponding to our sports modality (can be made through State Federation or its Territorial Offices).
  • Make an inscription, also of official character, in the registry of Sports Associations.
  • Finally, the clubs of Autonomous Communities with special legislation must avail themselves of the legislation of their own Autonomous Community in matters of Sports Associations.


The social role of a Sport Club

Talking about how a Sport Club works, we can not forget about it social role as promoter of sports. Therefore, among the services offered to their partners, sports clubs include training and advice, as well as putting into the hands of partners places of leisure and stay for social coexistence and the practice of sport.

In the case of basic sport clubs (remember that those are the majority), a social and non-profit purpose must always be included among its objectives. Nor can we forget, especially in elementary clubs, that teaching, together with the development and promotion of sport and all its values, are fundamental. In this sense, any sports club, regardless of its origin or the sport it promotes, becomes a social entity that includes as principles the promotion of cultural integration, cordiality, camaraderie and friendship among its members.

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