List of the activities you can do in a Sport Club

The offer and the schedule of the Sport Club’s activities affect the management and image of the club itself. It is also important for the management to know about the club’s policy to allow the partner to see an improvement of the services. Finally, knowing which activities you can do in a Sport Club increases the potential users’ curiosity and interest increasing the new partner’s attractiveness.

The Sport Club activities

We can distinguish between four different Sport Club activities:

  • Activities connected with the club’s dynamics and discipline

These activities are more technical and more related with the club’s discipline. They are probably the most valuable and most important ones, the core business of the club. The experience of the club with these activities is a guarantee of their offering and the management of these is the most important thing for the club.

  • Basic services for the users

In this group we can find the usual activities scheduled by Sport Club. All of them are connected with some disciplines of the club and among them there are spinning, pilates, aerobic, dance or yoga activities. They are normally scheduled based on the users’ interests and requests.

  • “Marginal” Activities

These can also be called commercial activities. They are basically oriented to improve the demand for the activities of the Sport Club. The point is to guarantee a higher economic benefit to the Club. This usually involves an extra cost for the partners and sometimes they can be sponsored.

  • Complementary Activities

They are linked with a sport, but not always directly with its practice. These activities are generally used to increase the promotion of sports in general. Some examples could be: open door and special days, sport talks, master classes, exhibitions, coaching sessions, nutrition workshops for users, etc.

Due to personal installations and technical staff (instructors, professors, etc.), it is quite easy to improve the list of Sport Club’s activities with the guarantee to never lose the quality of the service offered.

Management of the Sport Club’s activities

The management of Sport Clubs’ activities is a task for a team. It is meant to be done with the support of the technical staff, in order to guarantee the correct use of the facilities and the equipment, to not affect the good administration of the club. In this sense, it is very important to be aware of the activities of the Sport Club and the way they have to be organized. In fact, the organizational tasks are essential to provide visibility to the club’s services and encourage their practice. This will help to have a better profitability at all levels.

With good management, a concrete analysis of each activity (number of participants to every class, retention level, users engagement, ability in the captation of new partners, etc.) could be done. This will allow the continuity of each activity.

The organization of Sport Club’s activities has to be made yearly to cover every season.

Some of the benefits of  good activities planning are:

  • The experts and the staff of the club can organize the time and the resources.
  • Upgrade of the services supply to partners, along with their demand and needs.
  • Increase of the chances of attracting new partners/users.
  • The offer of a more effective capacity to specify budget, benefits and expenses of each season for every activity of the club. It will also help for a better evaluation.
  • It strengthens the programme of the directive team of the Sport Club
  • It allows for the planning of the activities of the Sport Club according to priorities, facilitating the resource distribution towards the real needs of the club.

Finally, a good organization can be reflected in a more efficient management.

Quality vs Quantity

If we have to prioritize quality or quantity when choosing what activities have to be performed in a Sport Club, we have to say that the key is equilibrium. The offer of a an assorted programme can bring benefits to the partners (it increases the services portfolio), but it can also be counter-productive when they are not offered with all the guarantees. You can not lose the focus on the expenses that each new activity involves.


Among the advantages of increasing the portfolio of Sport Club´s activities, we underline:

  • New users acquisition thanks to a larger showcase.
  • The satisfaction of users’ interests.
  • The improvement of new sports promotion and the support between activities.

On the contrary, some of the disadvantages of promoting more activities are:

  • The risk to not guarantee the quality of the service, due to inexperience or little knowledge.
  • The expenses and their management will increase to hiring personnel or buying equipments.
  • The club could lose focus without a good management.
  • The club will need more and more involvement of the staff and the experts.


Finally, it is a question of giving added value to the partner so that he feels that the club gives him a plus compared to what the competition offers him. In Syltek we help you to manage your Sport Club perfectly and satisfy all the members of your club.

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