Organising games, a key tool for today’s Sport Clubs

Most clubs are aware that one of the most important key tools, to get benefit from their facilities, is organising games.

The games can be organised in different ways: calls, whatsapp, emails… But, if we want to professionalize this activity, we need a tool that allows us to organise games in a much more automatic way.

From Syltek we have been developing MeApunto for many years, a tool that allows some clubs to complete more than 40 daily hours with matches organised by the club.

Thanks to the experience of our firm, that counts on ex-players, trainers and clubs’ owners and with the help of more than 300 clubs’ agents, that organise games everyday, we are able to offer you a guide about how we think matches should be organised.


How to organise games:

First of all we need to have a database of our clients: the more clients we have, the more chances we have organising games.

The key to the success of the games is that they are fun and for this they have to be matched

So, the players of our club need to have a level assigned. The famous “level”, this level every player tends to inflate, because let’s be honest, we all think we are better player than we actually are.

Given that the auto evaluation has to be the last resource, the only way to assign a level is to organise level tests made by the coach himself or by coaches that know the criteria really well

A player who has a level 3 in your club could have a level 4 in another one.

We can assess players by observing them playing a game, during classes or organising tournaments.

Free level tests

Another way is to organise free level tests. With the tool MeApunto we can create a special type without a level (in which everyone can sign up) with a professor and without costs for the player. The duration will be 30 minutes in which we can evaluate 4 players each court.

In this test the trainer, depending on the number of players, will participate as one more player rotating the players to see each of them or he will propose a series of exercises between two players to evaluate their play level. We suggest that you make these tests for free in order to take advantage and, apart from level the players, inform them about other activities the club offers, such as classes, tournaments… Evidently this test involves cost for the club since it loses the possibility of reserving the track and is a class that must be paid to the coach.  But it will be widely profitable if those players attend regularly to the games we organise.

It is good to repeat these level tests during the year to extend the player’s database.

We recommend that, if in your center the reservation is always made and paid by a player, it is important that before starting his game we speak with the other players to check they are registered and at the same level. If they are not registered, we should proceed to register them in our database and we will try to assign them a level.

Once we will start having players at the same level we can start with the matches. If we still have a lot of players with no level, we will have to organise games with a wider range of levels to try to close them, even if we are aware this could make the levels not so equal.

 Having an extended and balanced database, a key point when organising games

With the level reports we can have a knowledge of the players of our Sport Club. This will help to know in which interval we should launch the matches. If I have 10 players with a level higher than 4.5, closing matches of level 4.5/5.5 would be impossible. That’s why we should try organising games with a minimum of 40-50 players at the same level to have 4 of them that can/want to play on the day and at the time of the game. When creating a game with MeApunto, it tells us about the range it covers. We have to focus on this to modify it when too low.

At the beginning we do not have another option that keep trying until we reach the sufficient knowledge about our players and their timing. Once we have it, we can start planning games.

The first thing we can do is convert a single game in a multiple. That means, if on Tuesdays we know that at 20h we always have a game of 2-3 level, we launch it as multiple and it will be created at this time every Tuesday. Players will only see it 7 days before or whatever we want.

If I have already created my games as multiples, the next step is to set an automatic message to inform about them. We can generate an automatic alert, for example on Monday and Thursday at 9 in the morning, and we will receive an email with a list of the games of the next 7 days.

And if we’re missing one?

Sounds good, no? I organise multiples matches, I set the reminder and that’s it, I have it! Unfortunately it is not that easy, every time we will try to close more single games, but sometimes we will need to intervene.

Every time we have a game of 2 teams and the day is getting closer, we need to work harder to achieve closing it. How? If there are already 2-3 players for the game, it is easy to get in contact through our database to find a couple of players at the same level to close the game.

With only 3 clicks we can send an email looking to fill these free places. Even through the tool Syltek SMS we can send a SMS to the user, which is way more direct than an email. If we keep missing a player, we always have the option to call these players that are always ready to play, because it doesn’t matter what, they are always ready to play.

Of course, all these actions are always done based on our database. When it is not enough we can always expand our communication through our social networks, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… Through them a player who is not subscribed with us, could join for a match, even if we will have no information about his level.

As you know, in Syltek we are working to get a worldwide players network, in order to offer these games with free places to more and more player out of the ones who are already subscribed.

 Take care of the player, give him what he is seeking.

It is important that both the cancellation and the confirmation of the match, is done by SMS or push notification since the player may not have configured the e-mail on their phone and therefore may not find out if he has already left the office or home.

And after the match? It is important that the players tell the final result. In Syltek, an algorithm can automatically change the level of a player due to his results, the difference between the players by default. Each club can modify it and personalize it, building up their own evaluation table according to their needs.

Paddle tennis is a very grateful sport, at the beginning the progress is fast and a level assigned few months before could not correspond to the real level of the player if he has been playing regularly.  

It is also important to know the players’ opinion, to understand if their game has leveled out or not. If we find that a player has a wrong level, or is playing against one with a lower/upper level, we can change it manually in our system to be sure we are offering fun to our clients.

The importance of creating value matches for players

In Syltek we have a module to generate surveys we can use to better know our players’ preferences and availability. This can help us organising better games.

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