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Human capital is one of the key aspects to protect for a project to be successful. The idea may be great but won´t get far without talented and motivated people sharing a common vision. That´s what Syltek is about; a great team of people pushing on the same direction and linked by the same goal: "revolutionise technology applied to sports".

Pedro Clavería - CEO

Management Board

Domingo Guzmán

Engineer, Coder, Hacker, Gamer, Pilot, Skydiver... Love technology, love to fly! Living life passionately, always open to new things. Logic first :)

Sergio Servert

I founded Syltek to simplify sports clubs management and make sport more accesible for players

Pedro Clavería

Natural entrepreneur, in January 2017 I left everything (even I mortgaged) to make Syltek the largest sports company in the world! In my free time, I travel to disconnect.

Pablo Carro

Without sport I can’t tolerate even myself. At Syltek I have found my team, even any friend, interesting problems to be resolved constantly and above all a lot of success to celebrate! Hurray to sport and hurray to technology!

Félix Ruiz

Business Development

Rafael Vera

Pathological passionate on everything linked to a ball, an Excel formula or my daughters.

Felipe Alonso

A classical man settled on a technological jungle, who would say it, like at home…

Alejandro Díez

Sports lover, golf professional player and wandering to see the sea… but where I feel OK is making Birdies!!!

Álvaro López

Sportsman, mad about Ski, friend of mine. I enjoy what I do and do what I enjoy!

Jesús Espejo

Sports lover, player at World Paddle Tour, enjoying and taking advantage of any opportunity.

Luis Escobar

Venezuelan mother and spanish father. A special mixture with a very peculiar accent, from there my passion for sports, technology, the beach and dancing!

Gonzalo Basa

Sevillian discovering Madrid through photography, and now via Syltek, looking for new ways to discover the world.

Diego Arroyo

Athlete, golf fanatic and perfectionist at work. Fight and gather around with the best, that's the only way to achieve your goals.

Marketing and International

Daniel Sillari

Born in London, an Italian father and polish mother, grown in Barcelona. Perfect place? Any beach place; forecasting the future is to invent it: that’s what we do at Syltek!

Celia Valera

My professional life was always been linked to the world of sports. Promote it and make it more accessible to the public makes me happy. Better mountain than beach and warm than cold.

Carlos Jacoste

Passionate about traveling and startups, mine is to detect and analyse new business opportunities. Combine numbers creatively and work with a great deal of enthusiasm.

Gabriela Tarascon

I am an outgoing, fussy and very positive person who love animals, trips and spending time with family and friends.

Jose Cánovas

I’ve moved house more than 20 times. When I was a kid, I lived in England, where I became bilingual and fell in love with design.

Daniel Sotillo

Passionate about adventure, extreme sports lover. Professional parachutist.

Manuel Rosario

Communication through images. Professional paraglider and passionate about sports.

Carolina Castellano

I always found interesting the way that a brand chooses to position itself. For this reason, I wanted to be a piece of this process, and make it my profession. Animal and nature lover.



Andrés Fajardo

Engineer, MBA, entrepreneur and proud geek; passionate about startups, technology, growth and agile development. In permanent beta: Always learning, Improving, evolving...

Pablo Martín

First employee at Syltek and tireless on learning. Sports, friends and family as everyday passion. Never be short of chocolate!

Adrián Méndez

Passionate about technology and about anything with wheels. I love to dismantle all sorts of gadgets to know how they work. Sometimes I even can recompose them again. : D


Support and Operations

David Morales

Engineer by obligation, sportsman by passion. Paddle´s world and Spain champions +35. Mystica, M3Sports and almost Syltek founder.

María Rojo

My work life has always been linked to sports world. I love that people practice it! Although I have to settle for running behind my son…

María José Segovia

Good morning Syltek…! Helping others is my vocation. Lover of good eating, sports and animals. My passion, travel, my goal: do it to a new place every year.

Cristina Hernández

If I had been paid for all the time I spent planning trips, now I would have my own plane. Always learning, you don´t know what you can do until you try.

Vicente Vidal

If you click on: sports, teams, hobby, friends, family… I´ll be there!! By the way, I´am on top 10 of Padelclick old users!!! :)

Nacho Jiménez

As I was burn on the beach, my mother always told me to enjoy the good weather and go out to play, so I went down to the patio with the Game Boy. By the way I´m a big fan of nachos.

Héctor Bezanilla

Cantabrian on birth, Madrid is my adoption town, happy inside (and outside) a paddle court. The best is yet to come!

Ana Cuesta

In favour of innovation and creativity on a personal and professional level. Passionate about design and crazy about DIY.

Christian Hoffmann

Work smart, sport hard! I love dynamism both in the office and in the court. As a team, we are boosting physical activity in society, providing seamless access to sports clubs and sport lovers through Playtomic. Join us!

Miguel Angel Salas

Peruvian born and Madrilenian of heart. Since I came to Madrid, I’ve always been linked to paddle. I’m also a big football fan, and I always try to practice it, because it makes me feel like a kid.

Ricardo Mejías

Restless person who finishes what he starts. I like talking and joking around, but always at the right time. I also believe in horoscopes and I am a proud Scorpio.

Isabel Jiménez

Heavy athlete, I’m in when it comes to join anything related to stay active and motivated. I love meeting new people and travelling.


Rubén Martín

I´m passionate about technology. I love watching the projects grown from just a project to become a real product. For a good table game ¡I leave everything!

Ángel García

Swift lover, now with a broken heart with Kotlin, I´ve managed to do an inception against Java in the tech team.

Manuel González

I’m a developer and I don’t trust people who is good at coding and have no apparent defects.

Sergio Moratilla

My father made sure I learned languages, so I learned to program. I finished specializes on computational intelligence and quantitative finance.

Sergio Martín

Passionate about computers and always hanging out with weird people, I consider myself a film buff and an experienced observer of human comedy.

Emilio de Agustín

Always smiling, I love coding and everything related to new technologies, sports, family and friends.

Fernando Castro

Passionate about new technologies and addicted to videogames. I'm a hacker on the good side (or the dark side, depending on the day).

Carlos García

Software engineer with historian vocation. I believe in teamwork as the best way to obtain results. As a padel addict, this is my place.

Eduardo García Sanz

A strange mix between a senior developer and a detail-oriented web designer. I enjoy following front-end trends and tasting new red wines every weekend.

Hassan Echarif

Francisco Javier Pérez

Board games and brain teasers enthusiast, to see how projects grow and improve every day motivates me.

Javier Cañamero

Systems Architect. Upbeat and open minded about almost every aspect of life, I think there ARE always ways to achieve our goals and my job is to find the most suitable ones. I love stargazing, street sports and slow food.

Carlos Rivero

From Granada. Always In constant growth. My head never stops thinking. If you want to be great, surround yourself with great people.

Administration and Finance

Iñigo Colomina

Iana Taranda

I´m very committed to keeping things balanced therefore I´m responsible for the administrative department. I´m also an amateur oenologist and a keen sport enthusiast!

Cristina Arroyo

Multifaceted, decisive and with an optimistic attitude to the challenges. I love everything that tests my skills as an organizer. Traveling accompanied by my camera is my favorite hobbie.

Global presence

We are present in more than 15 countries all around the world.


Talent Captation

We want to remain the best program for sports clubs in the market and that is why we are always looking for new talents.

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